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Energy costs are rising.

Schools and businesses want to lower energy costs without sacrificing quality of environment. Pierce Energy Planning provides complete energy conservation services to public and private sector companies throughout the United States empowering them to create a culture that embraces the principles of conservation and supporting them in saving millions of dollars.


How do you actually save energy dollars?

Most organizations recognize there is money to be saved in their facilities, but simply don't have the knowledge, experience, or personnel to create and implement an energy program that will achieve measurable results. Pierce Energy Planning provides a way for you to save money on energy and allocate scarce resources to other areas in order to create maximum value.

Measurable Results That Make a Real Difference

Pierce Helps Schools Reduce Power Usage by 26%

Our goal is to help you save energy dollars—real savings you can measure. We are results driven and know how to implement energy plans you can see on your bottom line.


We helped the Washington Elementary School District implement energy behavior strategies that reduced overall electric usage by 26% over two years, natural gas usage by over 10%, and cut solid waste costs in half.


WESD became the first school district in the State of Arizona to earn the Energy Star Leader award for reducing energy costs across a large portfolio of buildings by 20% or more. Sweetwater School was recognized as the greenest school by Phoenix Magazine.


Reduced Energy Costs Through

Behavior Change by 26%.



The Very Best Trust Pierce to Help Them Plan and Save. You Can Too.

Three Ways to Get Started Right Now

It’s easy to start saving energy dollars. Pierce provides three easy ways to engage right now including: Pierce Energy Planning, Pierce Energy Coaching, and Pierce Energy Products. We can help you create a plan, implement that plan, coach your team, or even provide materials your team can implement to help other team members, students and staff learn how to start saving energy dollars.

Pierce Energy Planning

Pierce Energy Coaching

Pierce Energy Products

Let us help you create and implement a plan that will quickly start saving you money.

We provide one-on-one, small group, or even on-line coaching to help you get started now.

We have a robust offering of unique products to help you learn how to start saving.



Real-World Clients Getting Real-World Results

"At the end of the first year we had reduced electric energy usage by 15% across 33 campuses. As we complete our second year, we have cumulatively reduced electric usage by 26%. We now have 19 campuses that qualify for Energy Star individual recognitions."


— Susan J. Cook, Ed.D., Superintendent, Glendale, AZ

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